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Jules Ngongang, Belfort, FRANCE

"I've known and worked with Barbara for the last 2 years. She is more than just someone who helps you communicate using the English language. She is very perceptive in listening and understanding students' specific needs. She easily captures what students' value and need the most and adjusts her teaching accordingly at the required speed. She gives you all the tools not only to communicate but also to understand cultural differences. She shows an extraordinary flexibility, a sense of humanity and always looks for ways, through a collaborative approach, to accelerate one's ability to successfully communicate and get your message across. She spends countless hours doing this if required and is willing to work around the clock to help her students succeed. She is a role model when it comes to teaching with an outstanding ability to plan instruction which is engaging and developmentally appropriate using a wide variety of topics. I will highly recommend Barbara to anyone who wants to learn not only different words for the same things, but also another way to think about things."

Olivier Skora Project Manager - General Electric, Energy, Power and Water, France

"I had the great opportunity to be taught  American Business English by Barbara Dworkin for an extended period of time while I was living in the United States. Actually, her lessons were much more than "Business English" lessons. In addition to  focusing on language usage, Barbara taught me about various aspects of American culture, customs and idioms, which were essential to success   in my professional environment. I am extremely pleased with the level of knowledge and skills which I acquired with her lessons and I highly recommend  EnglishPerfect  to anyone who is looking for a way to drastically improve their level of American Business English."

New Jersey Devils Hockey Team - General Manager Lou Lamoriello

"There is no question - your lessons definitely helped!"



Telecom Operations Leader EMEA, Spain - Alejandro Aquino Navarro, Telecommunication Engineering Master of Science

"Barbara is, without a doubt, the best English teacher I have ever had. Her lessons focused on American Business English, which really gave me a great deal of insight about American business practices.  Within the first 2 hours of lessons, she clearly identified  my areas of weakness and designed a program  specifically  focused on my needs  (mainly conversation and pronunciation). Her classes were dynamic, personal, extremely well prepared. Not only did she help me to improve my English but  she did it in a way that made me really enjoy  going to her classes. She is a person who definitely helps motivate her students to improve their English beyond their expectations."

China External Trade Development Council, Taiwan, Republic of China - Chientsai Chu

"I have learned a lot about English writing skills and cross-cultural literacy from the Online Business English course created by Barbara Dworkin. Not only were the contents of the course very informative, but I now feel much more confident about my English writing skills. I believe that this is a result of Barbara's careful corrections and enthusiastic guidance throughout the 13-week course. Barbara devotes herself to her teaching. Even during the course break, she continued to work on the Internet with the students in our class."

High School Affiliate of Renmin University, Beijing, China - Gao Xiaofeng, Instructor for Senior English Class

"Barbara left a very unforgettable impression on us during our period of online study with her. We learned a lot about the western culture and customs and the course raised the level of student interest in English. The topics for thee assignments were very original. They are just like a window through which the students can learn a lot about the American culture and society. In addition, the course helped to improve the students' reading comprehension because they needed to read a great deal in order to complete their homework. The students felt that their ability to apply their new level of English skills has improved. One of the students was having a great deal of difficulty completing one of the assignments and I advised her to notify Barbara. She received a very prompt response to the problem from Barbara, who gave her a lot of positive feedback to increase her self-confidence level. The students formed a very harmonious rapport with Barbara and they miss her very much."

Sealed Air Corporation, Holyoke, MA - Kideng Bousay

"Barbara Dworkin is very understanding and can motivate people to do more than they believe they can do. I know what her expectations are and she encourages me to learn better."

Softtek - Human Resource Director USA Juan Salinas

"Barbara Dworkin's instruction method was direct and effective, incorporating popular idioms, pronunciation skills and grammar into the context of each lesson. She included many cultural tips and personalized the training by including discussions about the current work environment, company culture, dress codes, telephone skills, business meetings, presentation skills, etc. Our employees believe that this course is unique from previous English classes they have taken. The language and culture lessons and strategies for "survival" will directly benefit each employee and will provide them with necessary skills with which to interact in the global marketplace."

Wastewater Treatment Engineer - Leonid Ginzburg

"Each lesson had an unusual way to teach English, such as using games, projects, television, radio, advertisements, Internet, photographs and famous works of art. Every lesson was specifically designed to make sure that each student got the maximum benefit from the class. I didn't just learn the English language in her classes. I learned a great deal about American culture!"

Former Director Research and Development and Professor at Architectural and Construction University, St. Petersburg, Russia - Dr. Simon Gisin

"The EnglishPerfect course gives students a lot of assistance in career re-training. This level of training is not available for professionals in other English courses. After taking a course with Barbara Dworkin, I developed skills that helped me make effective contacts with American companies in my field of expertise."

NY State Department of Labor - Francesca Hall

"Barbara, it was truly a pleasure working with you. Everyone enjoyed the class (especially the Oreos and the noisemakers). The book was a big hit and I put in a request for my division to purchase one for each trainer. One of my trainers commented that your hand-outs were terrific.because the font was big and made the topic more appealing."

General Electric Company, France - Isabelle

"Thank you for the good time we spent together. I liked your lessons very much and the way you taught me. I liked your happiness and tenderness too. Your precious advice helped my husband and I to enjoy your so beautiful country. You have become a friend and I will never forget you."

Simmons Machine Tool Corporation - Shumei He

I wanted to write this note to thank you for all of the work you did for me for the past 10 months. I was very impressed that you could pinpoint my problems simply by just conducting a phone interview. I was even more pleased when my colleagues began to notice the dramatic improvement ever since I started my lessons with you. The techniques you taught me how to lose my accent are very effective. I also wanted to thank you for being flexible with our schedules.

To top it all, I became to know what a kind and caring person you are and the time you devoted and the contributions you make to the communities.  I am so glad that I found you by just searching the internet for “teaching English to professionals”.


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