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The focus of this popular course is the acquisition of specific American Business English vocabulary (approximately 300 business-oriented words) and the language skills essential for non-native speakers. After successful completion of this program, clients will be better equipped to provide effective customer service and to avoid social blunders. They will be empowered to be positive ambassadors of their firms and will be enabled to meet the communicative challenges required in their profession. This course is available for intermediate and advanced level clients.

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Topics will include: company culture, dress, business conferences, social invitations, making appointments, dinner meetings, travel arrangements, hiring and firing, etc. Students will appreciate the "art" of "small talk" and how common references to American sports pervade typical business discussions. Students will develop the necessary telephone skills to handle professional business calls and will become aware of the importance of intonation, word stress, and pitch. Students will become familiar with the American customs of apologizing, forgiving, complaining, expressing disappointment and appreciation.

Presentation skills will include: structuring information, emphasizing and minimizing information, describing a product, adjusting language register (formal and informal), utilizing effective body language and eye contact, demonstrating visual aids, and monitoring pace of delivery, volume and intonation.

Meeting skills will include: asking for and giving opinions, agreeing/disagreeing, interrupting and taking the floor, making recommendations/proposals, expressing support/opposition, persuading/compromising, asking for clarification/answering questions, and summarizing.

Discussion skills will include: analysis of informational data and formulation of decisions, negotiation strategies, defining and linking ideas, making predictions, describing a product/process, comparing and contrasting products/processes, distinguishing fact from opinion, determining cause and effect, drawing conclusions, and making inferences.

Written instruction will include how to compose effective business letters, memos, and thank you notes.


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